Anxiety Self Help Tips For A Better Life

If you need anxiety self help advice, you have come to the right place. Anxiety can be so bad that it is basically crippling. If you want to know how to better deal with it, check out and follow along with the below information.

A big problem with a lot of people that have an anxiety disorder is that they self medicate. They may drink or do street drugs just to feel normal. You should avoid these kinds of things at all costs and should work with a psychiatrist instead. You should also look into therapy. You can be put on medications that are meant for anxiety instead of trying to use what may or may not be working for you. Be honest with your psychiatrist when you are getting medications about what you’ve been using so they can figure out if certain medications are right for you or not.

Learn how to do breathing exercises. When you have anxiety and are having a panic attack, you tend to have shallow and quick breathing. This just makes you feel worse because it can cause you to get dizzy and to feel like your hands are tingling. To someone with anxiety, it may feel like they are having a heart attack or something else bad is happening. Find a quiet place and breathe in and out slowly while trying to just think about your breathing. There are a lot of breathing exercises to try so look them up and you may be surprised with how effective they are.

Avoid caffeine and foods that are high in sugar. When you are an anxious person to begin with, if you have something like an energy drink it can cause you to go into a panic attack due to the high amount of caffeine and the other ingredients in it. You should stick with things that are caffeine free and that are low in sugars. You don’t need your system to be amped up on different drinks and foods because it just serves to make you feel worse.

Exercise is a good way to get rid of excess anxiety in your life. You can join up with a gym or you can work out in your home. Just going for a walk, even, can cause you to calm yourself down a lot if you’re having an anxious moment. When you work out, feel good chemicals are released by your body and you unwind yourself a little from what you were thinking about that was causing your anxiety. Try going for a short walk or lifting some weights and see if that doesn’t help to keep anxiety lower.

These anxiety self help tips should make it easier for you to live your day to day life. It can be hard to have a normal life with anxiety in the way, so it’s good to learn how to get it out of the way so you can be a happier person.