The Top Three Personal Development Books To Read

Personal development is obviously a nebulous topic. Are you fed up with books that have no contribution to your personal growth and development? Have you had enough of books promising a lot only for them not to deliver? There are thousands of books on personal development available with well-intended advice but are of no good to you. In spite of their well-intended advice, these books will just waste your time and leave you going nowhere in terms of personal development.

Personal Development - Book on the Black Bookshelf between white ones.If you are in search of personal development books that will change your life for good, look no further. We have hand-picked a selection of some of the best self-help books that will help you move your life to the next level. These books will ignite the fire in you and motivate you to be the cream. Here are some of the best personal development books available in the market.

1. The Compound Effect (Darren Hardy)

There is obviously no magic bullet for success and the book, The Compound Effect has no hyperbole or gimmick to offer. In this book, Darren Hardy reveals what it takes to walk the path of success. This book defines the core principles that result in a successful life. This book distills the very essence each person requires to know for them to be extraordinarily successful. This book addresses an array of topics ranging from goal setting, habits, relationships and business. Better yet, this book also gives some actionable step-by-step strategies on what one must do to accomplish more with their life. In a nutshell, this book equips you with tools that go a long way in improving your progress towards success.

2. The One Thing (Gary Keller & Jay Papasan)

Living in a time where almost everyone is exceptionally proud of being a skillful multitasker, this book brings in a balanced approach; simplicity. In this book, the authors reveal that one’s ability to focus on a specific activity at a time is the ultimate secret behind extraordinary results. They highlight that narrowing down your focus to one activity will go a long way in improving the results of all your work. So rather than taking on more tasks and responsibilities at a time, the authors of this book encourage simplicity for one to achieve peak productivity.

3. Drive (Daniel H. Pink)

When there is the need for motivation, there are many misperceptions that hinder us from igniting the fire in us. With his book, Daniel Pink seeks to share some insight on these illusions. Daniel argues that the contemporary carrot-and-stick method of motivation is not effective and already outdated. Instead, one’s sense of purpose and drive for mastery are key drivers of performance, satisfaction, and excellence. In this book, Daniel presents an alternative to the old approach of self-motivation. He goes ahead to highlight some crucial actions we can take to effect positive life changes and by doing so, he also offers a strategy to transform our lives by unearthing our true source of motivation.